Track Information

Track Name: Motozone, Tigerton, WI
Track Address: 1300 Quad Park Lane, Tigerton, WI
Event Producer: Fantasy Moto, LLC
Office Phone: 920-419-2863
Secondary number for race week only: 920-419-2864
Principal Contacts: Scott Biese, E-mail
Contact Phone: 920-419-2863, Secondary number for race week only: 920-419-2864
Website: www.fantasymoto.com
Social Media: Facebook
Instagram: @biesebrothers
Fantasy Moto, LLC
N9606 Anna Ct
Appleton, WI 54915
Last date to ship: Must be received by Wednesday week of the event.

Parking for the regional will utilize several different lots owned/operated by the Village of Tigerton. We have 6-8 different lots available for this weekend as pictured below. A parking attendant will lead all arrivals to their pit/parking stall for the weekend based on vehicle size and arrival time. There will be no “saving” spots. If you wish to park next to friends you should plan to arrive together. Although there are electrical sites in the ATV park we do not foresee the electric being turned on for this weekend. The amount of power available will not keep up with the demand given the size of most modern campers/haulers. All single vehicles not transporting motorcycles will be parked in a separate lot and will not be intermingled with the main race parking areas.

Water for haulers and bike washing is available from the Village ATV park, a fee of $2 per container is charged regardless of size. It will not be feasible for you to wait in line to fill your motorhome upon arrival so please arrive with your fresh water tanks full. Please DO NOT connect a power washer to any of the water supply stations.

There is a full indoor shower and restroom facility at the top of the hill. Please be respectful of the cleaning staff. No bikes or motocross gear allowed in the showers. Keep all mud outside. Port-o-poties will also be placed around the facilities. There is also a restroom building at the west end of lot 5.

On site/after-hours security:


Please put all your garbage in a sealed garbage bag and place it at the end of your pit area nearest the driveway. We will have crews doing a collection several times a day starting Friday.